Sisters who sew & felt

Jo and Ali are sisters who took up crafting together after Ali had a very serious illness, mainly to keep in touch. We live in different parts of the country and whilst we used to keep in touch via Social Media etc we thought by doing craft fairs and trying to sell our items online it would make us meet up more regularly. Ali is now well but has to have regular treatment and there is no cure for her illness at the moment. We both either knitted, crocheted, painted, gardened and sewed so Jo said to Ali what craft did she want to do together and she said sewing which filled Jo with dread because she was rubbish as sewing, and wasn't allowed on the sewing machines at School because she always broke them. Whilst Ali (who is 2 years younger than Jo) was making skirts and even a raincoat. At School Jo took 2 years to make a cushion and mostly sewed it to herself which required regular unpicking. However, Jo gave it a go and perhaps being older she had more patience and we both now love it. We both make our own clothes as well now. We make things we like, we hope you enjoy them as much as we like making them.